Your advantages of appointing us

Faster project delivery

One single Project Manager is responsible for all on-site management and daily report to client about the construction progress. On-site worker's workmanship will follow strictly to the design drawings, shall there be any differences in measurement, Project Manager will inform designer instantly to make adjustment.

Effective construction on-site management

AVINCAS's Project Manager and the associated staff is essential to ensure that each separate system supplies the required connections and output on time and within budget. For example, a subcontractor is required to supply the correct materials on time to the construction site so the project can begin construction. Any delay in one system supplying materials to another system can slow down the project as a whole. Having an effective project manager can help to reduce the chance of one system’s problems affecting another system and the project as a whole.

Cost savings

Efficiencies result in a cost-efficient design build process, cost established early on in the process allowing for a more fixed project price.

There are 10 ways to reduce job sites costs.

1. Buy materials in bulk

2. Buy wholesale building materials

3. Improve efficiency on site

4. Use the right gear for saving on painting

5. Implement just-in-time practices

6. Invest in quality tools

7. Know when to rent equipment

8. Use tools wisely

9. Eliminate construction waste

10. Plan for change

Avoid variation order

Comprehensive specifications established upfront in the project.

Single point of responsibility

Project owner (our client) transfers risk, expertise, and resource management to one entity - AVINCAS Project.

Open and transparent communication

Increased collaboration between teams/subcontractors.